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Coi Rieng coffee

Coi Rieng coffee

334A Nguyen Trong Tuyen St., Ward 2, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh city.

Tel: (08) 38445992

Sitting in a coffee shop seems  to be an unchanged habit. Specifically, many pavement coffee shops where there are some leaves dropping down the threes to stay in the tables or the ground make us stay still at the seat.

Some time, sitting in shop that kind is a visual experience beside the music serving. That is a change in recall of past memory of each individual. Why do you choose this seat but not that near the windows, why is the seat on top floor but not in garden yard. The tendency of a garden yard coffee shop or a self-owned villa only having a style, at the present time, seems to change a little. The change is in a luxurious one able to create a general view but with flexibility and ability to change in each corner, room, seat matching individual's hobby.

And that structure can be found at Coi Rieng. It is normal that a building consisting of one ground floor and one upper floor with square lines in decoration easily cause tough vision; however, in here, the main color of white and rhythm of the roof and top floor has softened that structure.

The sight itself gives customers a nice choice: getting inside to seat in a flowered corner near windows. Or if that is not what you want, you can choose one in the garden yard which looks as familiar as your place's. A middle-aged client may get together with his friends and enjoy music through a piano; meanwhile, a young one may sit beside his lover and express his feelings so well.

Shops bring experience. Nice shop, ideal seat, fantastic view is a structural experience which is silent enough and absorbs deeply inside each heart to become a great beauty, possibly !

(Extracted from "Each corner Coi Rieng..." written by Do Trung Quan on "Nice buildings' structure"

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